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Specialists in Bespoke Gate Manufacture in Sussex

Small Brighton Garden Gate

Terrence John Blacksmithing is dedicated to providing high quality gates of all sizes. The small gate pictured above was installed in September 2013 in Brighton. Upon a site visit and inspection before construction, it was found that previous gates had been attached to the wall and over time, these had split the cement binding the wall. Terrence organised a Bricklayer from the local area to work with him to professionally complete the task of removing and rebuilding the wall with new hinge fixings for the new gates. Specialist capping stones were resourced to complete every aspect of the work to the highest quality and remain as authentic to the property as possible.

This knowledge and experience is vastly needed when ordering a custom or bespoke gate and can be offered with confidence by Terrence from over a decade of experience. This full service is just the start to the extensive knowledge Terrence John Blacksmithing can offer improve your entrance and a wide range of designs that can be tailor made to your desires.

Small Gates

Custom Handrails, Seamlessly Fitted

Terrence has a vast amount of experience in constructing railings and features to accompany his gates. One of these features includes handrails and supports which can all be an essential addition to any entrance way.

Pictured above is a set of handrails that Terrence John Blacksmithing completed to a great response from the customer, quoting “The handrails look as if they have been here for years” a perfect fit to provide a period property with handrails, allowing the residence to have support when climbing these steep steps. At the base, the handrail opens up from the central button, giving a great handle for residents to be able to pull themselves up the first step. This is made possible by the design that was created and the traditionally scrolled end that was chosen for these reasons.

These are made uniquely to this property and a stunning addition that fits perfectly to the property and for the use of the residence.

Please follow the link below for more details and pictures.

Custom Handrail

Mulberry Gates Made By Brighton Blacksmith

The cool of the City and the craft of the Countryside…Terrence John Blacksmithing creates English country garden gate for Mulberry

Terrance John Blacksmithing just completed a custom entrance gate for the internationally renown, luxury fashion house Mulberry. Based in Sussex, the founder of TJ Blacksmithing, Terrence Harwood, worked closely alongside Fisher Productions to realise this hand-forged decorative iron gate. Referencing the label’s exclusive new season print, the bespoke creation framed the threshold of Claridges in Mayfair during Mulberry’s long anticipated spring/summer’14 catwalk show. Adorned with hand painted birds, tulips, daisies, and lilies, the English country garden gate marries both Mulberry’s and TJ Blacksmithing’s passion for quality craftsmanship. This elaborate conception is a stunning example of a rare craft that is rich in both heritage and tradition.


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